Updating firmware on pap2 Adult mobile video chat

wcfxo.o, zaptel.o, ztdummy.o, etc.) By default, Asterisk loads a lot of stuff, and must be told explicitely not to load them through /etc/asterisk/modules.conf, using eg.

noload = I did just for my experiment and fun and was able to make successful SIP calls using static files configuration.

Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone here using Optus NBN has managed to successfully configure Optus Vo IP on third party hardware?

I'm rather reluctant to have the clunky Optus router powered up just for voice.

Ignore any funny characters that might appear at the end of the decoded password and your good to go. sip03.yesphone.au (for Queensland)sip02.yesphone.au (for Victoria) sip01.yesphone.au (NSW) For me (in NSW) if I use the DNS address for the SIP Proxy it wouldn't stay registered. I'm now registering with 3rd party hardware no problems at all. On my ATA (SPA3102), I can get incoming calls perfectly – outgoing calls are a bit strange (some work, some don't).

I don't know of a good source to know what the major changes are in each branch and make an informed choice before upgrading, but some information are available in UPGRADE*files in tarballs along with the CHANGES file.

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