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I think it's about 3 years ago when I saw this movie.

Accidentally I revisited the info-site for it here and immediately I felt good again!

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The season three finale surprised fans in classic “Hit The Floor” fashion with a touching, center-court proposal from Derek Roman to Ahsha Hayes in the middle of a Devil Girl’s dance routine in Devils Arena. Just when we thought love reigned on “Hit The Floor,” Jelena pulled the ‘dance floor’ from under us and got control of the Los Angeles Devils.But the best Hollywood relationships, even if they don’t last, are the ones that nobody knew about. But let’s be clear: there’s a difference between simply dating in Hollywood, and claiming one another in a relationship.The ones that you share with friends that get the, “WHAAAAAT!? There have been a flurry of both of those kinds of correspondences that started quietly and ended just as quiescent, and here are just a few we thought you might be nosey enough to want to know.That didn’t go over well with everyone in the arena.In the concluding, heart-pounding moments of the finale, Jelena was shot – and there is no shortage of suspects.

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