Sex 18x

But, know that I went to the trouble of creating this account just to brag on this movie.

If you’re sexually creative, you’ve probably got it on in every room of your house and found ways to employ every piece of furniture for exciting positions.

In a stroke of utterly perfect timing, Fin and Carisi are in the restaurant when a camo-wearing dude with a hunting rifle rushes in, shouting that he’s come to save the teenage girls he believes are being held there.

The dude gets so upset when no one will listen to him that he fires a shot.

After Sex is a background to examine intimacy and vulnerability.

Looks at the complexity of modern day relationships told through eight separate couples.

The characters are complex, yet accessible, and the dialog is comprehensive and thoughtful, yet not at all pretentious.

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I am at home, sacked out on the couch with pneumonia, right now, or I would say more.

This is when Fin and Carisi know that he’s serious, drawing their guns.

After a short but intense standoff, the detectives take him into custody.

He is going on a business trip and wants to make sure that his wife wouldn’t cheat on him.

Probably the results of your investigation will surprise him.

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