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It got acquired by a Russian company a few years ago, but some of its American and British users hung on, including sf and fantasy writers and fans.

Lately, I know one of my friends was scrambling to leave, but […] “Julia” is a 16-year-old Canadian high school student who “leans right” on economics and foreign policy, and is generally disgusted with the conservative movement’s pivot to reactionaries like Milo Yiannopoulos who trade in “anti-Muslim, anti-feminism, and general bigotry.” Loot Crate is a subscription service that delivers a box of curated pop culture goods to your doorstep.

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Aceh, while located in the western tip of Indonesia, is the heart of Islam and conservatism in the country.

Pulling inspiration from all […] Yes, yes there is.

Indonesia is constitutionally a secular state and the first principle of Indonesia's philosophical foundation, Pancasila, is "belief in the one and only God".

Police chief Marzuki said the men had since confessed after being confronted with the clip and now face 100 strikes with a cane.

The men, aged 20 and 23, are residents of the country’s conservative Aceh province - the only area in the country to practice Shariah law.

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