Fashion institute of technology dating

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is on a stretch of Seventh Avenue that has been appropriately renamed Fashion Avenue.The museum is housed in the enormous FIT building, which spans two full city blocks.With 8.4 million people living in New York City, one may find it hard to believe that dating there is tough. I didn't believe it when people told me the guys in New York City were different and that finding a boyfriend amongst over 8 million people is next to impossible. At first, this statement was just an opinion I formulated based off of the experiences I have had with guys in this city thus far. While I can't say the task of finding a good man is insurmountable, I can tell you from experience, it isn't easy. Because a large majority of the men in New York aren't looking for anything serious.But then I thought to myself, maybe I'm just picking or attracting the wrong guys.Then again, my friends have had similar experiences, so it can't JUST be me.The fashion industry opens its crystal, glass doors to the prettiest Barbie doll women, carrying Birkins and wearing Burberry. In reality, fashion girls are living in a Vogue-clad nunnery.The frizz-less, golden locks and ballerina bodies of women in the fashion industry are magnetizing, even jaw dropping, to men, both old and young. Despite the fashion industry’s prejudice to appealing physiques and dazzling personalities, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes and Li Lo combined have a better chance of meeting the man of their dreams and falling madly in love than fashion girls do.

The museum also hosts fantastic exhibits ranging from jewelry design to fashion photography and including the Fashion Design Student Show.

This makes the Tinder/Ok Cupid craze all the more attractive.

It’s free, and the apps were written about in Vogue.

Considering the majority of interns in the fashion industry attend FIT, NYU or some obscure city college, we’re officially dubbed as screwed in the romance department.

Sitting on a gum-trotted wooden bench, wearing jeans and gulping down a Heineken? Fashion girls prefer the classier options of sipping cosmos at Cielo, accepting bubbling champagne from a waiter in a penguin suit at an art opening, or enjoying a glass of red wine at a five-star restaurant booked two months in advance. Pants too tight for any straight man to sport and voices as high as the sky, gay men conquer every whiff of testosterone, from fashion closets to magazine conference rooms.

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