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The live action series is produced by Yoshinori Horiguchi, Shi Shirakawa, Koki Endo, and Masako Kuraibu with music by Koji Endo. The episode starts when Shinichi, Ran, and Kogoro wake up trapped in a white cubical cell with no recollection of how they arrived there.A letter in the room reveals that an admirer of Shinichi's detective work placed him there to test his deduction abilities.If you would like to keep a smaller palm, place your Canary Island Date Palm in a container.These palms love growing in pots, and can even be kept indoors.We have over 80 acres of quality containerized plants and trees through the help of our associated growers.Our 80 acre state of the art distribution center based in Florida , allows us to facilitate product in markets up the Eastern seaboard and to the Southwest.The Canary Island Date Palm is the number one palm planted by hotels and resorts because their tropical beauty surprises and outshines other palm varieties.This canary palm variety has a singular wide trunk that grows straight upwards with attractive grey bark.

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Shinichi recalls an investigation that occurred on that day, when a famous photographer murders his lover.This tall growing palm grows large enough to make a bold statement in your landscape.It will attract the eyes of all of your neighbors, and you’ll be able to see its vibrant colors from miles away, inviting you to relax in the tropical paradise it creates.The most important factor in determining the blooming time of cherry trees is the geographical location.Generally, the milder the climate, the earlier the blossoms open.

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