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The wait is over… Fans of Punk, Goth, Metal, Indie Rock, Stoner Rock, Jam Bands, Rockabilly, and even mainstream Arena Rock can now find each other, catch some live music, have some fun and fall in love. The first recording to feature Black's work was 1989's Ozma.She is also credited with playing on the band's major label debut Houdini in 1993, though Osborne and drummer Dale Crover have said that her contributions to the album were minimal, as she was forced to quit the band in order to deal with her heroin addiction.See full summary » "Subconscious Cruelty" is divided in four segments: Ovarian Eyeball - a naked woman is sliced by a sharp blade and an eyeball is removed from her belly. See full summary » Young director Marko, after several unsuccessful attempts to shoot his first feature film, makes an acquaintance with a porn director Cane and starts making films with him, showing his ...See full summary » As serial killer Lothar Schramm lies dying in his own blood, horrific memories of his miserable life of paranoia, self-harm and rejection flash before his eyes.

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