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Porsha Williams isn't wanting for cash after her ex-husband screwed her over in their divorce -- sources tell TMZ, she's now knocking boots with the exorbitantly wealthy son of an African dictator ... According to sources, Porsha has been seeing 42-year-old Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, son of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea ... Mbasogo (the father) is known as one of Africa's most brutal and corrupt rulers -- not only for having his predecessor executed and political opponents tortured, but for pillaging his own country's oil wealth ... And his son is reaping the benefits -- living like a king in Malibu and all around the world.We're told Mangue (the son) has been showering Porsha with expensive gifts for the last month -- Louboutin shoes, Chanel ...The last time I saw my daughter I believed she was alive and was going to be OK, and that's what was told to me." So interesting!Now, she lives in Patrick Mc Kenna's home, the lead investigator from her defense team.I understand why people have the opinions that they do… My dad was a cop, you can read into that what you want to.""Everyone has their theories, I don't know.My sentence was doled out long before there was a verdict. People found me guilty long before I had my day in court.""Even if I would've told them everything that I told to the psychologist, I hate to say this but I firmly believe I would have been in the same place. As I stand here today I can't tell you one way or another.

Ultimately, it wasn't the fashion fans were talking about.

In 2011, she was acquitted of murder and child abuse in court.

Related: "Based off what was in the media I understand the reasons people feel about me. I see why I was treated the way I was even had I been completely truthful. I'm just one of the unfortunate idiots who admitted they lied.

Anthony works for him, helping to do some investigative work, which seems to go over well with her as she one day wants to be a private investigator: "During the course of my bankruptcy, the rights to my story were purchased by a third party company for k to protect my interests.

Best selling tropical salsa artist of all times, two-time Grammy and three-time Latin Grammy winner, Marc Anthony is a singer, lyricist, record producer, television producer and actor.

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