Android cursorloader not updating

In the first part I covered the common concepts of content providers and in the next part I am going to deal with how to write your own content provider.

The first part also lists all standard content providers that are part of the Android platform.

i have the neccessary notifications in my contentprovider query and insertmethods.

[ see In Background() ], the data change notification is missed by the From docs it seems that the Cursor Loader it's already refreshing content and you don't need to use a Content Observer.

The Loader Manager does not know how data is loaded, nor does it need to.

As you will see in the third part of this mini-series a content provider must provide its authority within the manifest file.

From these entries Android creates a mapping between the authorities and the corresponding Querying data is probably the operation you will use most often.

In that case you DO need to add another Content Observer so that your Cursor (backed by a view) is notified when one of the underlying tables (with it's own Uri) changes.

The objective of this tutorial is to get data from SQLite database by extending the Simple Cursor Adapter and then attach that to the Listview.

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