Nissan Terrano 2 with 1985 on 1999
1. The maintenance instruction and to maintenance service
2. Car maintenance service
3. Четырехцилиндровыв engines
4. Engines VS
5. All engines
6. Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
7. Fuel and exhaust systems
8. System of an electric equipment of the engine
8.1. Specifications
8.2. Ignition system the general data
8.3. System of ignition check
8.4. The distributor removal
8.5. The distributor installation
8.6. The rotation gauge коленвала check
8.7. The coil of ignition removal and installation
8.8. System of start-up of the engine the general data
8.9. System of start-up of the engine check
8.10. A starter removal and installation
8.11. The traction relay removal and installation
8.12. A starter replacement of brushes
8.13. Charge system the general data
8.14. The generator leaving and safety measures
8.15. System of a charge check
8.16. The generator removal and installation
8.17. A regulator of pressure and a brush replacement
9. System of decrease in toxicity of exhaust gases
10. A mechanical transmission
11. Automatic transmissions
12. Coupling карданный a shaft and the back bridge
13. A running gear of cars with the wheel formula 4x4
14. Brake system
15. Suspension brackets and a steering
16. A body and furnish elements
17. Electric equipment system


8.2. Ignition system the general data

The system of ignition of considered cars consists of the distributor with the rotation gauge коленвапа, coils, свеч, wires and the electronic switchboard. The ignition moment the processor block on which impulses from the rotation gauge коленвала (the gauge description arrive operates see in Gl. 4). Impulses are generated by the converter on the basis of optical pair (светодиодфотодиод) and the shaper. Interruption of radiation of a light-emitting diode is provided with a rotor with slot-hole structure. Impulses of the moment of ignition are formed by the cracks of a rotor located on an internal circle which define angular moving коленвала (within 1 turn).

2.7а Check of resistance of a wire and contact in a distributor cover

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8.1. Specifications
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8.3. System of ignition check