Nissan Terrano 2 with 1985 on 1999
1. The maintenance instruction and to maintenance service
2. Car maintenance service
3. Четырехцилиндровыв engines
4. Engines VS
5. All engines
6. Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
7. Fuel and exhaust systems
8. System of an electric equipment of the engine
9. System of decrease in toxicity of exhaust gases
10. A mechanical transmission
11. Automatic transmissions
12. Coupling карданный a shaft and the back bridge
13. A running gear of cars with the wheel formula 4x4
13.1. Specifications
13.2. The general data
13.3. The device of an automatic interlock of a nave - removal and installation
13.4. Semiaxes - removal and installation
13.5. Полуось - dismantling and assemblage
13.6. A nave and a rotary fist - смятие and installation
13.7. Nave epiploons – removal and installation, adjustment of bearings
13.8. Forward карданный a shaft - removal and installation
13.9. Epiploons of a forward reducer - replacement
13.10. A forward reducer - removal and installation
13.11. Epiploons of a distributing box - replacement
13.12. A distributing box - removal and installation
13.13. A distributing box - dismantling
14. Brake system
15. Suspension brackets and a steering
16. A body and furnish elements
17. Electric equipment system


13.5. Полуось - dismantling and assemblage

1. Remove полуось.
2. Clamp полуось in a vice through a soft lining.

2.5 Check of a thickness of blocking rings L (should be not less than 15,4 mm).

3.11 Removal of a semiaxis from a rotary fist 1. Брусок

3.13 Check axial люфта semiaxes

4.3 Dismantling of the internal hinge

4.4 Details of a semiaxis 1. From outside wheels 2. Details of the SHRUS of type Rzeppa 3,7,16. A lock ring 4. A shaft 5. The hinge of type Tripod ("the sliding" hinge) 6. Заглушка 8. Крестовина 9. The case 10,13. A cover 11,12,14, the Collar 15. The hinge 17. The ring steals up on thicknesses

3. Cautiously bring down a semiaxis flange from outside differential and release заглушку cases of the hinge (photo).
4. Remove collars of covers (photo).
5. Displace covers and the case of the sliding hinge towards a wheel pin.
6. Designate position крестовины on a semiaxis shaft.
7. Выпрессуйте полуось from крестовины (it is carried out on a press).
8. Remove a cover and the case.
9. Designate position on a semiaxis and cautiously beat out an external SHRUS (photo), remove a lock ring.
10. Wash out and examine all details.
11. Before assemblage put greasing in an external SHRUS.
12. Dress a cover on полуось and establish a new lock ring. Put greasing in an external SHRUS and fix a cover collars.
13. Dress a cover on полуось from outside differential, collars and establish the case of an internal SHRUS.
14. Clamp полуось in a vice and establish крестовину so that the gear collar крестовины has been turned towards a semiaxis.

If it is established removed крестовина combine the labels put at dismantling. If it is established new крестовина displace крестовину towards a pin to a limit.

15. Fix крестовину on a shaft, расклепав a gear collar in two places (photo). Depth расклепки not less than 1 mm.

4.9 Removal of an external SHRUS from a semiaxis

4.12 At cover installation sustain the size L

4.15 Fixing крестовины a sliding SHRUS on a semiaxis shaft, 1. Not less than 1 mm

16. Dress the case and put greasing in an internal SHRUS
17. Fix a cover a new collar.
18. Put greasing on an epiploon заглушки and establish заглушку, screw three bolts and a nut. Впрессуйте заглушку, I will strike in three places.
19. Establish the size L a cover (photo) and level a cover, having removed residual pressure. Fix a small collar.

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